Extension 7/8_4

2017, Full HD, 37:13

The Extension videos are inspired by the practice of graffiti, where the hijacking of tools is commonplace - the garden sprayer, the paint roller pole, the fire extinguisher are just a few examples - the aim often being to paint bigger and higher. These tools become "prostheses" that allow the body to reach a larger surface, but what are their influences on the pictorial rendering and on the body in movement?


Through a pictorial vocabulary made of lines, which leads to a form of choreography of the body, the protocols are repeated with different tools and at different scales. The actions are photographed and then edited in stop-motion, interspersed with pauses that freeze moments of these paintings in perpetual evolution and bodies in tension in the action. Two videos were made in collaboration with a duo of circus artists, simplifying the pictorial action, but making its physical execution more complex.

Extension 3/7, Extension 3/11.

Dyptic editing.

Collaboration with Sonia Massou and Julien Pierrot.

2017, Full HD, 23:53.

Produced on large wall surfaces from urban interstices, the chosen environment influences the painting protocol, the presentation in the form of projection on the exhibition walls from the ground up, tends to restore some of the materiality of the support of the physical engagement in painting.

Installation view

Kein Eiland group show, Studio city gate, Anderlecht (BE)