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Extension 7/6


Full HD, 16:9, 44:48 

The Extension videos are inspired by the practice of graffiti, where the hijacking of tools is commonplace - the garden sprayer, the paint roller pole, the fire extinguisher are just a few examples - the aim often being to paint bigger and higher. These tools become "prostheses" that allow the body to reach a larger surface, but what are their influences on the pictorial rendering and on the body in movement?


Through a pictorial vocabulary made of lines, which leads to a form of choreography of the body, the protocols are repeated with different tools and at different scales. The actions are photographed and then edited in stop-motion, interspersed with pauses that freeze moments of these paintings in perpetual evolution and bodies in tension in the action. Two videos were made in collaboration with a duo of circus artists, simplifying the pictorial action, but making its physical execution more complex.

Extension 3/7, Extension 3/11


Dyptic editing

Collaboration with Sonia Massou and Julien Pierrot.

Full HD, 16:9, 23:53

Extension 7/8_4


Full HD, 16:9, 37:13

Installation view


Kein Eiland group show, Studio city gate, Brussels

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