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Group Show


Full HD, 16:9, variable time

In-situ video installation, video projection and mono sound

Playtime exhibition, curation Manon Ceyssel

With: Anais Borie, Antoinette d’Asembourg, Manon Ceyssel, Célian Dinbergs, Eno Ascain, Naoki Karathanassis, Benjamin Pruvost, Stephane Abitbol and Romain Tallet

For the collective exhibition Playtime in the old Sonart film studio, i decided to work with the space, his fonction and to use all the artist participant as subjects of the installation.

passe passe .jpg

Group Show


Exposition Playtime 

Curation Manon Ceyssel

Each artist have been filmed in still frame, seated on a light pole which become a huge circus trapeze. Each was arbitrarily assigned to a background color and a white paper mache shape, which were like a formal extract of their respective work. Their actions were to throw the form out of the frame, to receive it back and to fall if the object wasn’t caught.

By a mounting in split screen I organised a grid to receive the 9 plans, to hock up the entry and exit of the differents objects, and finally to create the cinematographic illusion of a metamorphosis of shapes. Several video sequences were produced with more or less artist, where the varying intencity of object exchanged creates dramatic tension between play and competition.

Extracts from the video installation

Video presentation of the exhibition Playtime


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